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Bringing Architectural Designs to Life with Photorealistic CGI

Charles Roberts Studios recently completed a series of photorealistic computer-generated images (property CGI) for an exciting new project in Murrayfield, Edinburgh. The scheme involved a planning application to replace an existing house with a contemporary home designed by the award-winning architects at Oberlanders.

Design Features of the Proposed Home

The new house's design capitalises on the site's elevated position, offering breathtaking views of Edinburgh. Notable features of the proposed home include a roof terrace, an Ibiza-style entertainment and dining area, and an exquisite formal planting design for the south-facing garden.

Visualising the Vision

The site, located at the end of a private drive adjacent to the prestigious Murrayfield Golf Course in a conservation area, necessitated exceptional visualisations to communicate the architect and client's vision effectively. To achieve this, Charles Roberts Studios employed a combination of drone photography capturing the existing site and computer-generated elements to produce these stunning images.

Expertly Conveying Elegance and Uniqueness of the Proposed Design

The photorealistic CGIs created by Charles Roberts Studios expertly convey the proposed design's elegance and uniqueness. They are powerful tools to help stakeholders visualise the project's impact within the surrounding environment while accurately representing the architect's vision to support the planning application process.


We trust that this case study showcases Charles Roberts Studios' ability to deliver exceptional computer-generated images that effectively communicate architectural designs and bring them to life. By combining drone photography with their CGI expertise, they have successfully created immersive visualisations highlighting the striking features of the proposed scheme in Murrayfield, Edinburgh, and delivering stunning photorealistic CGI images that effectively communicate the architect's and client's vision.

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