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Charles Roberts Studios Completes Architectural Visualisation for Proposed House in Historic Walled Garden

Charles Roberts Studios, a renowned architectural firm, has completed an architectural visualisation for a new house proposed within a historic walled garden on a private estate in the Leicestershire countryside. The visualisation has been created to support a planning application submitted by a firm of award-winning architects.

Design for a New House on the Private Estate

The private estate, which is home to a Grade II* listed country house and an important Grade I listed family chapel dating back to the 14th century, is the location for the proposed new house. The new design replaces three existing estate houses and features a 6,000 sq ft home with underground parking and a refurbished gardener's cottage that serves as a guest cottage. The house sits on an elevated plot overlooking beautiful parkland.

Contemporary Design and Glazed Link

The new house features bronze-clad elevations and bricks that reflect the palette of the existing walled garden. A glazed link connects the new home and guest accommodation, creating a seamless transition between the two. The contemporary design of the house is in keeping with its historic surroundings and provides a unique aesthetic.

Extensive Consultation and Navigating Ecological Constraints

The project entailed extensive consultation with Historic England, the local planning authority, and navigating a complex web of ecological constraints. The team at Charles Roberts Studios worked closely with all stakeholders to ensure that the new house meets all regulatory requirements while preserving the historic significance of the site.


Charles Roberts Studios' completion of the architectural visualisation for the proposed new house in the historic walled garden on the private estate is a testament to the firm's expertise in creating modern designs that are in harmony with their historic surroundings. The proposed new house is an exciting addition to the estate, and it is sure to become a landmark in the Leicestershire countryside.

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