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architectural visualisation modern house scaled

Our studio is delighted to have worked on an ultra-modern eco-house in rural Suffolk. This impressive property is set on a picturesque site featuring a wildflower meadow and a swimming pool filtered and purified by water plants, making it one of the area's most sustainable and eco-friendly properties.

The house boasts a suite of state-of-the-art features that make it incredibly energy-efficient. Solar panels power the property, providing all the energy required to run the house. At the same time, a rainwater harvesting system collects and recycles rainwater for use in the garden and swimming pool. The home is also equipped with highly efficient insulation and heating, resulting in a building far exceeding current building standards.

The garden has been thoughtfully designed to enhance the property's aesthetic and increase sustainability. The wildflower meadow serves as a habitat for local wildlife, and the biologically filtered and purified swimming pool provides an eco-friendly way to maintain the pool, harmoniously blending function with beauty.

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