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Luxury Property Brochure - A Showcase of Quality and Craftsmanship

When the client approached Charles Roberts Studios, their objective was to create a luxury property brochure that reflected the high specifications of the property itself. Our team rose to the challenge, delivering a brochure that met and exceeded expectations. 

Designing a Brochure that Captivates

The initial presentation to the client showcased our attention to detail and commitment to quality. We introduced handmade art papers, textured cotton, and papers adorned with natural gold pigments, creating a captivating twinkle and sparkle effect. These elements were carefully chosen to enhance the luxurious feel of the brochure.

The result was a beautiful case-bound property brochure elegantly clad in faux ostrich skin. To add a touch of luxury, we designed transparent pages embossed with gold leaf and used heavyweight paper for the inside pages— the same paper used for the winning envelopes at the Oscars. We spared no expense in creating a brochure that would leave a lasting impression.

Beyond Design - Providing Comprehensive Services

In addition to the luxurious design, our services extended to providing floor plans, bespoke location maps, copywriting, and captivating photography. We carefully captured the essence of the local area and the interior and exterior of the completed house and grounds to showcase the property's charm and appeal.

3D Renderings - A Vital Tool for Effective Communication

Moreover, the developer understood the importance of effectively communicating the scale and complexity of the design to stakeholders such as the local planning authority and residents. They commissioned a series of 3D renderings from Charles Roberts Studios to achieve this. Our 3D renderings proved invaluable in conveying the organic and changing nature of the design, ensuring that all parties involved had a clear understanding of the project.

Innovative Construction Techniques - Avoiding Costly Mistakes

The inherent challenges of the groundbreaking design required a wide range of skills and innovative construction techniques, from Italian artisan stonemasons to state-of-the-art entertainment systems. Our 3D renders played a crucial role in avoiding costly mistakes, providing an accurate design visualisation and allowing for better decision-making regarding materials and construction methods.

Elevate Your Project with Our Expertise

Charles Roberts Studios takes immense pride in our ability to deliver outstanding work that reflects the utmost quality and craftsmanship. Our luxury property brochures and 3D renderings meet and exceed expectations, leaving a lasting impression on clients and stakeholders. Contact us today to discuss how we can elevate your project with our expertise and attention to detail.

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