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Architectural Visualisation with Drone Photography: A Case Study by Charles Roberts Studios

Charles Roberts Studios is proud to present a case study showcasing our architectural visualisation work using drone photography for a pair of contemporary new homes on a stunning waterside site along the East Coast. 

The Location: Mistley on the Tidal River Stour

The site is set in the picturesque location of Mistley, on the edge of the tidal River Stour. This area is widely recognized as one of the most beautiful rivers in England. It is situated within a Conservation Area, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and a Coastal Protection Belt.

Visualising Integration with the Surrounding Landscape

To aid the Design and Access Statement for the planning application, our team at Charles Roberts Studios created a photomontage using drone photography. This unique perspective allowed us to accurately illustrate how the new homes would appear once built, effectively visualising their integration with the surrounding landscape.

CRS Reveal Planning Slider: A Dynamic and Interactive Presentation

We employed the CRS Reveal planning slider to deliver a dynamic and interactive presentation. This powerful tool allows for a side-by-side comparison of the site, displaying the existing and proposed views of the new homes. This feature visualises how the new homes will harmoniously blend into the natural environment and showcases the intended impact on the local area.


In conclusion, Charles Roberts Studios has successfully demonstrated the power of architectural visualisation with drone photography. By showcasing the integration of the new homes with the surrounding landscape, they have provided a compelling case study for using these techniques in future projects.

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