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architectural visualisation luxury swimming pool

Stunning Swimming Pool and Spa Proposed for Hampshire Private Residence

A luxury pool installation company has commissioned an architectural visualisation of a stunning swimming pool and spa for a new private residence in Hampshire. The images were created for a client presentation, showcasing the design's beauty and functionality.

Spacious Outdoor Swimming Pool

The proposed design includes a spacious outdoor swimming pool, surrounded by large format porcelain tiles that give the area a sleek and modern look. The area seamlessly blends into the existing walled garden, creating a harmonious and sophisticated space.

Breathtaking Views of the Sea

One of the most impressive features of the swimming pool is its strategic placement, offering breathtaking views of the sea. The pool is situated in a way that maximises the stunning vista, making it a true oasis for relaxation and leisure.

Luxurious Spa

In addition to the swimming pool, the design also includes a luxurious spa area. The spa features state-of-the-art amenities, including a sauna, steam room, and hot tub, providing a complete wellness experience.

Expert Design

The architectural visualisation reveals the expert design skills of the luxury pool installation company. The swimming pool and spa were created with precision, ensuring that every detail was considered to deliver a luxurious and functional outdoor space.


In conclusion, the proposed swimming pool and spa design for the Hampshire private residence is a masterpiece of architecture and design. The spacious outdoor swimming pool, luxurious spa, and breathtaking views of the sea make this space a true oasis for relaxation and leisure. The expert design skills of the luxury pool installation company are evident in every detail, ensuring that this outdoor space is both functional and beautiful.

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