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Charles Roberts Studios recently completed a series of stunning computer-generated images showcasing a proposed contemporary house on the Isle of Wight in a rural location. The house's striking design features ash cladding, a zinc roof, and extensive fenestration to frame the breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside and The Solent.

The computer-generated images created by Charles Roberts Studios effectively highlight the beauty and elegance of the proposed house. The front and garden views present the modern design and the use of natural materials, such as ash cladding, creating a visually appealing aesthetic. With extensive fenestration, the images showcase the panoramic views of the picturesque countryside and The Solent.

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As part of their innovative approach, Charles Roberts Studios included a planning slider in the series of computer-generated images. This planning slider helps streamline the planning application process by providing different angles and perspectives of how the house will appear within the landscape. It gives clients and planners a clear understanding of how the proposed development will fit into its surroundings.

The computer-generated images created by Charles Roberts Studios offer potential clients a detailed and realistic view of the proposed house, aiding in their visualization of the final product. Moreover, these images also serve as a valuable tool in the planning application process by accurately representing the proposed development.

In summary, Charles Roberts Studios' recent project exemplifies their expertise in creating visually stunning computer-generated images for proposed developments. The images of the contemporary house proposed for a rural location on the Isle of Wight not only showcase its beauty and elegance but also demonstrate its seamless integration into the surrounding landscape. The inclusion of the planning slider further underscores the studio's dedication to providing comprehensive support to clients throughout the planning application process.

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