Versace Swimming Pool CGI 1997

3d rendering Versace pool
cgi interiors swimming pool

We are excited to share one of the original concept swimming pool CGIs created for the Gianni Versace residence in the heart of South Beach on Ocean Drive, Miami.

In 1997, Charles Roberts Studios was approached to help visualise what would become 'The Thousand Mosaic Pool'. This stunning pool features thousands of 24-carat gold tiles inspired by Versace's 'Marine Vanita' collection and is truly a work of art.

The pool is truly a sight to behold, with the focal point being a beautiful fountain of Poseidon. The fountain is surrounded by urns from Versace's Lake Como Villa, which only adds to the beauty and luxury of the pool.

The pool and garden formed part of a $32 million renovation project by Sir Roy Strong. Today, the Versace Mansion is a luxury boutique hotel called The Villa Casa Casuarina, and it's the perfect place to experience the opulence and beauty of this incredible pool.

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