Charles Roberts Studios had the privilege to work on an extraordinary project involving the creation of photorealistic 3D renderings for a stunning new country house in Surrey. Our renderings were designed to assist in selling the property off-plan and to provide visualisation support to various stakeholders, including the main contractor and the Local Planning Authority (LPA).

The kitchen design of this country house draws inspiration from the arts and crafts styles of renowned architects Sir Edwin Lutyens and CFA Voysey. In our 3D rendering, we faithfully recreated the kitchen, featuring an exquisite artisan chandelier and a table reminiscent of the one found at Castle Drogo in Devon, both designed by Lutyens.

The existing property was initially designed in the style of CFA Voysey, a highly influential architect who pioneered the arts and crafts style. To honour the house's character, the client and the architect proposed an extensive renovation that would restore its original charm and craftsmanship.

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Drone-photo-before-CG-photomontage Aerial-property-CGI-of-a-new-manor-house

For our visualisations, we utilized professional drone photography of the existing site. By skillfully integrating our 3D renderings into these images, we were able to create visual representations that showcased the potential of the house after the renovation.

Additionally, we developed a CRS Reveal planning slider, a unique tool that allows viewers to see a side-by-side comparison of the house before and after the renovation work. This powerful feature provides a compelling way to present the transformation to potential buyers, the main contractor, and the LPA.

Our photorealistic 3D renderings and the CRS Reveal planning slider were crucial assets in the marketing and planning processes for this stunning country house. By providing an accurate and detailed representation of the proposed renovation, we helped stakeholders visualise the completed home, giving them confidence and helping to communicate the vision effectively.

At Charles Roberts Studios, we take pride in our ability to bring architectural designs to life through photorealistic 3D renderings. Contact us today to discuss your project and let us showcase the potential of your property with our expertise and innovative visualisation tools.

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