The Store, Oxford

3d commercial visualisation roof top bar the store oxford
3d commercial visualisation ground floor bar and reception the store
3d commercial visualisation hotel bedroom the store oxford

Charles Roberts Studios: The Designers Behind The Store's 3D Commercial Visualisations

Charles Roberts Studios, has created 3D commercial visualisations to showcase the unique features of a new hotel under construction in the heart of Oxford city centre. The Store is a new luxury hotel with 101 bedrooms in the historic Boswells department store. The 3D visualisations have been created with precision and detail to give guests a glimpse of what they can expect during their stay at The Store and to communicate the interior designer's vision to the many stakeholders involved in the project.

A Look Inside The Store's Rooms: 3D Visualisations that Highlight the Hotel's Comfortable and Inviting Spaces

The 3D visualisations of The Store's rooms showcase the hotel's comfortable and inviting spaces. The designers have used natural materials and textures to create a relaxing, homely environment. The rooms are spacious and well-lit, with large windows that let in plenty of natural light.

The visualisations also showcase the hotel's attention to detail, from choosing fabrics and furniture to placing artwork and accessories. The result is a space that feels like home but with all the amenities of a luxury hotel.

The Rooftop Bar at The Store: 3D Visualisations that Capture the Hotel's Unique Atmosphere

The rooftop bar at The Store is the perfect spot to enjoy a cocktail while taking in the panoramic views of Oxford. The 3D visualisations show how the bar's design capitalises on the stunning views and creates a relaxed atmosphere for guests.

The bar features comfortable seating and a range of cocktails and beverages. The visualisations also showcase the bar's outdoor space, where guests can enjoy the fresh air and views over the dreamy spires of the city.

Discover and Explore The Store: 3D Visualisations that Encourage Guests to Settle In and Make The Store Their Own

The Store is designed to be a space that guests can discover and explore. The 3D visualisations showcase the hotel's unique features, including the installations and artwork scattered throughout the hotel.

The hotel's design team has created a space encouraging guests to settle in and make it their own. The visualisations show the hotel's communal spaces, where guests can relax, socialise, and enjoy the hotel's unique atmosphere.


The Store in Oxford is a boutique hotel that offers guests an inviting and unique experience. The 3D commercial visualisations created by Charles Roberts Studios showcase the hotel's unique design elements and highlight its inviting atmosphere. The Store is a must-visit destination that encourages guests to discover and explore, from the comfortable and homely rooms to the tantalising restaurant, the restorative spa, and the rooftop bar with panoramic views.


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