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How CGI is Revolutionising the KBB Industry

In recent years, computer-generated images (CGI) have been increasingly popular in various industries. One of the industries that CGI has particularly impacted is the KBB (kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms) industry. With the help of CGI, KBB companies can now showcase their new range of bathrooms and kitchens cost-effectively without the need for photography or sets. Here, we will explore how CGI is revolutionising the KBB industry.

What is CGI?

CGI is the abbreviation for Computer-Generated Imagery. It uses computer graphics to create images, videos, and animations. In the KBB industry, CGI creates 3D images of bathrooms and kitchens that are almost identical to real-life photographs.

Benefits of Using CGI in the KBB Industry

1. Cost-effective

One of the primary benefits of using CGI in the KBB industry is that it is cost-effective. With CGI, KBB companies can save significant money that would otherwise be spent on photography and sets. They can create multiple images of the same design without expensive cameras or sets.

2. Time-saving

Another benefit of using CGI is that it saves time. Traditional photography can take hours or even days to set up and shoot a single image. With CGI, the process is much faster and more efficient. Companies can create multiple images in a matter of hours.

3. Unlimited Possibilities

CGI offers unlimited possibilities when it comes to design. Companies can create any design without limitations of real-life sets or locations. They can experiment with designs, materials, and colours to create the perfect image.

4. Consistency

With CGI, companies can ensure consistency in their images. They can create almost identical images, making it easier for customers to compare designs and decide.

5. Flexibility

CGI also offers flexibility when it comes to making changes. Companies can change an image's design, colour, or materials without a reshoot, saving significant time and money.

Examples of CGI in the KBB Industry

Several companies in the KBB industry have already started using CGI to showcase their new range of products. For example, IKEA recently launched its new kitchen range, created using CGI. The images look almost identical to real-life photographs, and customers have praised the company for its innovative approach.

Another example is the bathroom manufacturer Roca. The company uses CGI to showcase its new range of bathroom products. The images look realistic and give customers a better understanding of how the products will look in their homes.


In conclusion, CGI is revolutionising the KBB industry by providing cost-effective, time-saving, unlimited design possibilities, consistency, and flexibility. Companies can create images almost identical to real-life photographs without expensive sets or photography. As the technology continues to develop, we can expect to see more and more companies in the KBB industry adopting CGI as a standard practice for showcasing their new range of products.

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