Exterior dusk shot of Westbourn scaled

Charles Roberts Studios recently completed an impressive luxury property brochure to showcase a magnificent mansion in the exclusive Wentworth Estate in Surrey. The brochure accurately reflects the quality and sophistication of the mansion, featuring luxurious amenities and finishes while capturing the essence of its surroundings.

The team at Charles Roberts Studios used an array of architectural plans, interior and exterior photography, and lifestyle shots to bring the mansion to life in the brochure. They worked closely with the client to ensure that the brochure met their vision and accurately reflected the quality of the mansion and its surroundings.

The hardcover and sumptuous handmade paper used in the brochure adds to the luxurious feel and overall experience of the brochure. This tactile and memorable piece has helped create a strong brand identity for the project, showcasing the mansion's unique features and generating interest from potential buyers.

exterior photo Westbourn garden view
pool westbourn
drawing room westbourn
orangery westbourn
hallway chandelier westbourn

Photography - ©Jonathan Little