The St. Regis Venice

Hotel bedroom interior design visualisation 1

Charles Roberts Studios is thrilled to have had the opportunity to contribute to the visualisation of a new interior design proposal for the prestigious St. Regis Hotel in Venice, Italy. With its rich history and stunning location near Piazza San Marco, the hotel is an icon of luxury and elegance. A renowned firm of interior designers commissioned our studio to create a series of ultra-high-quality computer-generated images (CGIs) that would complement their design proposal.

The CGIs Charles Roberts Studios produced meticulously to capture the proposed design's essence in exquisite detail. Every space is brought to life with stunning realism, from the bedroom suite to the lobby and bathroom. The CGIs showcase the luxurious furnishings, intricate details, and textures of materials used in the design proposal, allowing potential clients to envision the final product.

The bedroom suite CGI presents a panoramic view highlighting the luxury and sophistication of the proposed design, showcasing the intricate details of the furnishings and decor. The lobby CGI captures the grandeur and architectural beauty of the space, emphasising the luxurious furnishings and inviting ambience. The bathroom CGI offers an up-close look at the textures of the materials used, such as the marble and tile work, adding a tactile dimension to the visualisation.

hotel bedroom interior design visualisation vignette

These ultra-high-quality CGIs created by Charles Roberts Studios serve as invaluable tools for interior designers and their clients. They provide a clear and detailed view of the proposed design, enabling potential clients to fully grasp the vision and essence of the refurbishment proposal. With our CGIs, interior designers can effectively communicate their design concepts and showcase the attention to detail that has been invested in the project.

Our studio takes immense pride in the ability to create visually stunning CGIs that bring architectural and interior design visions to life. The St. Regis Hotel project exemplifies our commitment to delivering exceptional visualisation services for luxury hotels and high-end establishments. If you have a similar project or require assistance visualising your design concept, please get in touch with Charles Roberts Studios. Let us help you showcase your vision and captivate your clients with our unrivalled CGI expertise.

hotel bathroom interior design visualisation vignette