The Old Coach Yard, Lymington


The Old Coach Yard is a luxury mews-style property development in the heart of Lymington, a Georgian market town known for its yachting and historic buildings. The development has been a resounding success for off-plan sales, and we at Charles Roberts Studios are proud to have played a part in its success.

Our team was tasked with creating a series of computer-generated images (CGI), both interior and exterior visuals, to showcase the property. Our challenge was ensuring the development reflected the town's traditional architecture while offering modern amenities and features.

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Artist impression of The Old Coach Yard in Lymington
lymington property cgi

The result was a series of stunning visuals that effectively captured the development's unique selling points. We paid careful attention to every detail, from the layout and design of the properties to the textures and finishes used throughout. We also designed an equally impressive property marketing brochure featuring high-quality images and detailed development descriptions.

Charles Roberts Studios utilised a combination of architectural plans and lifestyle shots to create the CGI visuals for The Old Coach Yard. Our team worked closely with the client to ensure the visuals accurately showcased the development's unique features and design. Additionally, we incorporated drone photography to capture the surrounding area and highlight the development's prime location in the heart of Lymington.

The property marketing brochure, meticulously designed by Charles Roberts Studios, combines a traditional yet modern aesthetic. The anthracite cover features a custom logo created from interlocking horseshoes, paying homage to the site's history as a coach yard and later as a bus station. Within the brochure, we have included captivating lifestyle shots and CGI visuals to highlight the development's exceptional features and amenities effectively.

The combination of our CGI visuals and the property marketing brochure has played a significant role in the success of off-plan sales for The Old Coach Yard. These materials have effectively showcased the development's unique design and prime location in the heart of Lymington and helped establish a strong brand identity through the bespoke logo and the brochure's traditional yet modern design.

The Old Coach Yard serves as an exceptional example of how well-executed marketing materials can drive off-plan sales success. Through our CGI visuals and property marketing brochure, we have effectively communicated the development's unique features, design, and prime location. The bespoke logo and the traditional yet modern design of the brochure have further contributed to establishing a solid brand identity.

Charles Roberts Studios is proud to have been a part of The Old Coach Yard's remarkable success story, and we are committed to delivering exceptional marketing materials that help our clients achieve their off-plan sales goals. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in showcasing your development and executing your marketing objectives.