Later Living

property cgi interior living scaled

Charles Roberts Studios is excited to announce our recent completion of a series of interior and exterior 3D architectural visualisations for a new luxury retirement home being constructed in Hampton Wick, on the banks of the River Thames. Our team was approached by the developer at the planning application stage, where we created a CRS Reveal Slider to facilitate stakeholder engagement from the outset.

Once planning permission was granted, we continued to work closely with the developer, leveraging our expertise in 3D visualisation to create a suite of photorealistic renderings that showcased the retirement home's intricate design and unparalleled beauty. Our team collaborated with one of the country's leading interior designers to craft a vision for this remarkable community that was both elegant and functional.

In the interior visualisations, we focused on highlighting the luxurious and spacious living spaces that retirement home communities are so sought after. Our renderings captured every detail, from the open floor plans to the high-end finishes, to give potential buyers a realistic and immersive experience. This allowed them to envision themselves living in those stylish spaces while enjoying the world-class amenities the development had to offer.

interior 3d rendering retirement scaled
mulberry court crs reval after
mulberry court garden view