Eco House

Computer generated image of a contemporary eco house

Our studio is delighted to present a case study featuring an ultra-modern eco-house in rural Suffolk. This impressive property is set on a picturesque site featuring a wildflower meadow and a swimming pool filtered and purified by water plants, making it one of the area's most sustainable and eco-friendly properties.

The house boasts a suite of state-of-the-art features that make it incredibly energy-efficient. Solar panels power the property, providing all the energy required to run the house. At the same time, a rainwater harvesting system collects and recycles rainwater for use in the garden and swimming pool. The house is also equipped with highly efficient insulation and heating, resulting in a building far exceeding current building standards.

The garden has been thoughtfully designed to enhance the property's aesthetic and increase its sustainability. The wildflower meadow serves as a habitat for local wildlife, and the biologically filtered and purified swimming pool provides an eco-friendly way to maintain the pool, harmoniously blending function with beauty.

Aerial visualisation new eco property development

To showcase the property and help potential buyers visualise the site's potential, our team at Charles Roberts Studios created an aerial CGI that epitomises the extent of the property and provides an in-depth view of the surrounding garden area. An interior image was also produced, which helped the purchasers visualise different spaces within the property's interior. These tools allowed potential buyers to recognise and appreciate the attention to detail our clients had invested in the design and construction of this impressive property.

The ultra-modern eco-house located in rural Suffolk is a beautiful and practical example of sustainable living that our studio is proud to have played a part in. Its numerous innovative features illustrate that sustainability and beauty can coexist, and this property makes an outstanding contribution to achieving the goal of developing properties that leave a lighter footprint on the earth. At Charles Roberts Studios, we are committed to providing exceptional architectural visualisation services to help showcase such idyllic and forward-looking projects. Reach out to us to discuss how we can assist you in visualising your design vision.

Photo of site before proposed development Aerial visualisation new eco property development