Cotswolds Manor House

architectural visualisation soho estate 14.23.19 scaled
ground level cgi soho farmhouse scaled

Our studio was privileged to work on architectural visualisations for a magnificent new house proposed on The Great Tew Estate in Oxfordshire. This prestigious private estate, nestled in the picturesque Cotswolds, is highly coveted and home to the esteemed Soho Farmhouse.

The estate commissioned the visualisations to assist in marketing this extraordinary property and showcase its unique appeal to potential buyers. Our team at Charles Roberts Studios used their expertise in architectural visualisation to create stunning visuals that accurately captured the essence of the proposed house and its surroundings.

Situated on this rare and coveted site, the proposed house is designed to harmonize seamlessly with the natural beauty of The Great Tew Estate. Through our visualisations, we aimed to convey the timeless elegance and sophistication of the house, as well as its integration with the surrounding landscape.

Country Life sm

By carefully selecting camera angles and capturing details of the interior and exterior spaces, we brought the vision of the property to life. The visualisations showcase the house's grandeur, highlighting its architectural features, expansive gardens, and panoramic views of the picturesque estate.

These visualisations serve as a powerful marketing tool, giving potential buyers a tantalising glimpse of the unique lifestyle and unparalleled luxury that awaits them at The Great Tew Estate. Prospective buyers can envision living in this extraordinary house and experiencing the Cotswolds' exclusive amenities and serene beauty.

We are proud to have contributed to the marketing efforts of The Great Tew Estate by creating architectural visualisations that capture the essence of this spectacular new house. If you have a similar project in mind or need assistance showcasing your architectural vision, please don't hesitate to contact Charles Roberts Studios. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional architectural visualisation services to bring your designs to life and support your marketing goals.