Cliveden Barn conversion 3d visualisations

3d rendering barn scaled

We are excited to share our latest project, where we created a series of property CGIs for a luxury new barn conversion in Berkshire. The barn is part of a small range of beautifully restored buildings that originally formed part of The Model Farm built by Lord Astor of the Cliveden Estate.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, wealthy landowners created Model Farms, which were experimental and meant to showcase the latest advancements in agricultural techniques, efficiency, and building layout. These farms were designed to promote the welfare of farm workers and create the ideal farm. Lord Astor replicated the concept at his estate at Cliveden after being inspired by an architecturally exciting farm he visited in America. These buildings have been restored and converted into state-of-the-art homes that retain their traditional charm.

Due to its historical significance, the barn is a unique structure designated a listed building. The approach to the barn is through a tree-lined driveway that passes through meadows, providing a remote and rural feel to this idyllic location. The CGI of the barn was emailed to a potential client in New Zealand, who agreed to purchase the barn the following day.

exterior barn conversion cliveden

Our team's expertise in creating highly-detailed and realistic CGIs allowed us to showcase the beauty of the barn, highlighting its historical significance and charm. By creating an immersive experience of the barn, we were able to spark interest and captivate the attention of a potential buyer from New Zealand.

In addition to the CGIs, we also designed and produced a beautiful casebound property brochure that effectively communicated the barn's unique features and the rich history of The Model Farm. The brochure was a valuable tool that helped to capture and maintain the buyer's interest and played an essential role in closing the deal.

At Charles Roberts Studios, we take pride in helping clients showcase their properties in the best possible light, bringing them to life through our stunning CGIs and brochures. If you want to sell your luxury property or development, contact us today to discuss how we can help you effectively communicate your vision and captivate potential buyers.