Charles Roberts Studios recently partnered with one of the world's leading luxury bedmakers to create a series of photorealistic 3D renders that were showcased at the Monaco Yacht Show. The renders displayed the latest design of the bedmaker's exclusive bed that is crafted to provide the perfect night's sleep at sea in the owner's suite of a superyacht.

The Monaco Yacht Show is the exceptional superyacht event of the year where the world's top designers, manufacturers and customers meet in a world of grandeur and elegance.

3d render of a luxury bed in superyacht
3d render of a luxury bed in superyacht

On display is the finest collection of superyachts of the year within the idyllic setting of the Port Hercule in Monaco, an iconic location in the Mediterranean and the world's number one yachting destination.

The client creates beds to an extraordinary standard of luxury, using handmade natural materials and traditional craft techniques in London. With Charles Roberts Studios' expertise in visualisation, the collaboration was a huge success. The 3D renders the studio created were highly realistic, allowing potential customers to see the design features and benefits of the bedmaker's latest design even before trying it themselves.

Charles Roberts Studios has more than two decades of experience in creating highly realistic imagery, accurately reflecting the design intent of its clients. They work closely with their clients to understand their design goals and bring those designs to life using their advanced rendering technology.

The 3D renders showcased at the Monaco Yacht Show played a significant role in helping potential customers understand the design features and benefits of the bedmaker's latest design. Charles Roberts Studios is proud to have created 3D renders for one of the world's finest luxury bedmakers and looks forward to future collaborations.

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